1. Article
(General terms and conditions)

The basic activity of the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS is education and guidance of physical and legal subjects to the best results in the field of marketing, sales and entrepreneurship as the activity itself. To achieve the best results, the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS implements training and personal water programs in its business premises. The company allows all legal and natural persons to share business premises with a monthly extension of the membership fee.

2. A member of the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS, nor an employee of the company, which means that the company is not responsible for its financial operations and obligations arising from these operations to state authorities.


Every member may carry out his activities in the business premises of Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS, which the company rents in Slovenia, as long as he does not violate the general conditions of the membership agreement. Insofar as the member performs activities for which he is obliged to issue invoices in accordance with the law on financial operations of companies, this is the exclusive responsibility and activity of the member and not of the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS

2. Article 

(Membership fees)


The company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS as an individual or allows members with the payment of a monthly membership fee an unlimited number of visits to the office and the use of all tools offered by the office and the Internet platform. The member also has in his membership fee the cost of all monthly trainings within the office, and undertakes to fulfill his contractual obligations.

The office can be used on all days of the week by prior arrangement.

Upon initial registration, the member chooses a subscription for 30 EUR per month. Membership is then automatically extended monthly (30 days) in the case of payment by card or PayPal. In the case of choosing a prepaid account, the individual must renew his subscription on time by paying to the company’s account.

Membership and membership benefits arising from membership according to the membership agreement can only be used by the person to whom the membership is issued. Membership is not transferable.

The member declares that he is familiar with the general conditions and house rules, and accepts them as such in the case of using the office. In case of particularly serious violations of the general conditions and house rules, for example attacks, threats, complaints, sexual harassment, theft, etc., the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS may prevent the member from accessing and sharing the office at the first violation. Such violations of the contract are considered serious violations, and in such a case the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS may immediately terminate the contract with the member without a notice period in accordance with point 12 of these general terms and conditions of business. Insofar as the member pays the membership fee in advance, in the event of cancellation of the membership contract, he is not entitled to a refund of the amounts already paid.

Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS is not responsible for physical and health injuries of the member, but for damage to property caused by improper use of devices and objects in the business premises by the member. The member is obliged to handle things and items in the offices as well as in the common areas of the building carefully and in accordance with the instructions, general conditions, house rules and instructions of the responsible persons. In the case of intentional but negligent damage, the person who caused the damage bears the costs of repairs. In case of minor violations of the house rules, the individual receives a warning from the person responsible for control over the implementation of the house rules. In the case of three reprimands received, the individual must pay a fine of EUR 20 including VAT as published in the general price list. Major violations of house rules that exceed the estimated damage in the amount of 20 EUR plus VAT must be officially assessed and repaired. The member is obliged to eliminate the entire resulting damage or pay off. Until the repairs have been concluded but the member has been paid, the following actions are taken: (a) prohibition of entry to the premises but to the corresponding surfaces, b) temporary confiscation of objects, c) procedure for determining responsibility, d) claim for compensation for damage caused and loss of income due to damage caused , e) removable from the space or area of the object or surfaces).

In case of serious violations, the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS may immediately terminate the contract with the member without a notice period in accordance with point 12 of these general business conditions.

The member is obliged to settle the further monthly membership fee until the end of the monthly membership. A member can settle obligations in the following way:

– regularly monthly with payment via the online platform

– regular monthly payment with cash or card at the reception

If the membership fee has not been settled, the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS reserves the right to disable the member’s access to the platform and prohibit entry to the office, but to charge for the use of the office and tools at the general price list. All settled membership fees and items will not be returned under any circumstances.

A member is entitled to use the platform, office, tools and training only if the monthly membership fee is paid.

Individuals can use a wardrobe in office hours, as long as there is a wardrobe available. When picking up the key, he pays a deposit of EUR 10, which is returned upon termination of membership if the individual returns the locker key. In the event that an individual loses the key but does not return it after termination of membership, the deposit is retained.

In the offices of the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS, video surveillance is installed with appropriate notification, which helps ensure the best possible conditions for the use of the office premises, the safety of members, the protection of personal property and the security of the premises. By signing the contract, the member is aware of this.

The member is aware that he is not always entitled to use all parts of the office and equipment of the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS, as for example, if another member uses part of the office or tools. For this reason, the member cannot request a refund of the monthly membership fee and have no compensation claims against the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS.

Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without notice for important reasons on the part of the member. Such reasons are mainly:

a) serious violations of the membership contract, general business conditions and house rules, as stated in the contract, general business conditions and house rules

b) service of a criminal offense (criminal acts against life and body, criminal acts against honor and good name, criminal acts against sexual integrity, criminal acts against human health, criminal acts against property, criminal acts against business and legal traffic, criminal acts against public order and peace and against the general safety of people and property) but a misdemeanor (offenses in the field of production and trafficking in illicit drugs, restrictions on the use of tobacco products, infectious diseases, explosives and pyrotechnics, weapons, protection of public order and peace) against Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS, to another member but employee of Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS.

In the case of resignation under this article, the member expressly agrees that he is not obliged to refund all settled membership fees.

In case of closure or termination of operations of the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS, all memberships and contracts with the company are automatically terminated.

After finishing using the office, the member must clean up all his belongings and lock them in the wardrobe (if available) or take things away from business premises. Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS assumes no responsibility for lost and stolen items.

Additional verbal agreements or other agreements to the membership agreement do not apply.

Changes to the member’s title and data should be immediately reported to Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS in writing to the company’s headquarters.

Legal relations arising from the membership agreement, including the General Terms and Conditions, are governed by the legal order of the Republic of Slovenia.

The company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS reserves the right to change or supplement the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions. Amendments and additions to the general terms and conditions of business are valid from the date of publication of the new full extract of the General Terms and Conditions of business on the company’s website www.bepro.si . In cases of significant changes to the general terms and conditions (such as: higher price of the service, etc.), the member may withdraw from the contract on the first day of the following month after the changes to the general terms and conditions take effect.

The invalidity of an individual provision of that agreement will not jeopardize the validity of other provisions of the membership agreement, which will continue to remain in force.

The general terms and conditions of Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS are part of the membership agreement.

The company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS and its members agree that all disputes and membership agreements will be resolved by agreement. Insofar as an amicable settlement of the dispute is not possible, for all disputes arising from this contract and the contractual relationship, the jurisdiction of the competent court in Ljubljana is agreed.


3. Article 

(Business conditions for meetings and events)


The contract between Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS and the meeting visitor is concluded when the visitor receives a ticket for the next meeting. By saying that the visitor wants to have a ticket for a further meeting, he agrees with the general rules of operation of Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS.


Ticket for online-virtual events is valid for (90 days). If the ticket is reserved for a live meeting is valid for 6 months (180 days).


For the purchase of a ticket for the next meeting, certain prices apply, according to the price list/online store of Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS. The price includes value added tax, which is legally prescribed for a certain amount.


The company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS reserves the right to prevent visitors from attending the meeting from further participation in the meeting, if the visitor dominates the other visitors at the meeting, behaves inappropriately in business, but does not follow the rules and house rules that apply in the business premises of Sundhedskontrol. DK ApS.

5. The person is entitled to a refund within 14 days after the purchase of the ticket for an online (streamed) event. The refund can only be requested if the streaming of the online event has not been initiated (EU Regulation).

In case of a ticket for a live (physical) event the refund is not possible.


In accordance with item 12. item of article 43. of the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract for leisure services, in which the company undertakes to fulfill its obligation on a precisely specified date but within a precisely specified period. According to the aforementioned legal exception, according to which the consumer has no right to withdraw from the purchase of tickets, all payments for tickets are binding. Tickets for all events that were purchased at the business premises of Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS cannot be returned and refunds cannot be requested for them in accordance with the terms of this service, except in the following cases: 
a) Illness, injury, death, pregnancy 
-Terminate the contract in the case of serious illness, serious injury, complications related to pregnancy or death, if after confirming the purchase of the ticket, any of the aforementioned circumstances occurred on the part of the buyer or a person related to him, in respect of which the prior termination of the contract is also enforced. 
-Due to mental illness or mental disorder, the previous termination of the contract is possible only with a certificate from a specialist doctor (psychiatrist) about incapacity for work, but with a certificate from the employer about absence from work due to incapacity for work. 
-Due to a chronic illness, a preliminary termination of the contract is possible only if attending the meeting is not possible due to a medically confirmed unexpected deterioration of the buyer’s health condition, provided that his health condition was stable at the time of confirmation of the ticket purchase. 
-Due to pregnancy, it is only possible to terminate the contract in advance, if the pregnancy occurred after the confirmation of the ticket purchase, then the meeting takes place after the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy, but in the case that the pregnancy occurred after the confirmation of the ticket purchase and the visit to the meeting would endanger health unborn child.


Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS is not responsible for the content of all meetings.


Individuals must not bring weapons, digital cameras or similar recording equipment and sound recorders to all physical meetings. Also, he must not bring in any food.


Entry to physical meetings is not allowed for persons under the influence of intoxicating substances, and they may be denied entry and their tickets may be revoked.


All complaints and deviations from contracts are handled by the department at info@bepro.si . For the protection of data and user profiles, only those submitted in writing to info@bepro.si but sent to the company address Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS, Algade 38, 3., 9000 Aalborg, Denmark, DK32658466, are considered valid complaints.


The company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS is not obliged to inform its customers about possible changes in individual events, but it does its best to do so.


Company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS. is trying to ensure that individuals can participate in the event in a flexible time period. If the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS fails to establish contact with the customer, the customer agrees that the company Sundhedskontrol.DK ApS will treat the customer’s ticket as canceled and in this case is not entitled to a refund for the paid ticket.


Tickets are not transferable to third parties.


4. Article 


The buyer of the service, especially by electronic means, chooses based on the image and basic information about the product on the website. The images are illustrative in nature and may not fully correspond to the actual available product.

By clicking on “add to cart” the selected product is saved in the shopping cart. The process is repeated until the selection is complete.

Clicking on the basket displays the contents of the basket, which can be changed or removed from the basket. At the end of the article selection, click “next step”. The customer must fill in the fields required to create an invoice and choose one of the payment methods.

The products are considered to be ordered, the contract is concluded, when the buyer completes the entire billing process and has given consent for the use of personal data, confirmation of receipt of the order, and the seller transmits it electronically to the buyer.

The seller is not responsible for the costs incurred by the buyer when browsing and searching the website (telephone, data traffic, etc.), but for any other costs that may arise when ordering or browsing or searching the website.


5. Article 


The displayed prices are retail. Product prices are shown in Denmark national currency – EUR (€).


6. Article 


All listed prices at the checkout are expressed in EUR (€).

By placing an order in the online store, the customer agrees to pay for the order.

The payment methods provided by the seller to the online customer are:


– Proforma invoice (TRR) : When paying to a transaction account, the online customer will receive a proforma invoice with all the information necessary for payment to the selected email. Then make the payment easily with internet banking or with a universal payment order through a bank, post office, etc.

– Paypal. The customer has the option of paying through his Paypal account.

– Paid with card. The paying party enters the required data. The security of payments and customer data is taken care of by Stripe .


The buyer agrees that the seller may, at his own discretion, in case of abuse of any type of payment, temporarily suspend any such transaction without prior notice and prior notice, and may submit to the competent authority all relevant information for the prosecution of potential perpetrators.


If the buyer cannot pay the purchase price for any reason, the seller is authorized to unilaterally cancel the purchase process. In this case, the buyer is liable to the seller for all damages and costs that the seller may incur.


The minimum order amount is 10 EUR.


Delivery of services

Upon receipt of the payment receipt, the seller undertakes to deliver the service within 48 hours. 
The deadline for the performance of the service is by agreement with the date of the service.